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By: Marto_0
Hit through walls

Melee weapons, RPG's and other explosives can hit through walls.

By: MrShuriken
Slow when shooting

Players move much slower when shooting most weapons,
This can be used to your advantage giving you time to run and or chase them down.

By: MrShuriken

The coins you collect can be used to gain random items from the vending machines.
this can be useful if low on health/shield.
The vending machines are the yellow dots on the map

By: MrShuriken
Circle around player

The Line that circles around players bodys showcase their shield.
If someone doesn't have a line around them it means they have no shield currently equiped.

By: MrShuriken

Guarding/Funneling is when you utilise the storm or other players to your advantage to make your target go where you want.
This is done by first finding a target and positioning yourself on the closer side to the circle. You do not let them outside of your FOV.
When the gas comes shooting at your opponent makes them back away, if you continue to shoot you can slowly force them into a spot where they have to shoot back,
however because they also have the gas to think about you will be able to easily predict their movments killing them.
This stratagie is further Specalised with the middle of the map. In the middle area you can continue to shoot at the one hole they are coming through and corner them into having to push you, Directly into your bullets.
To avoid this happening to yourself you need to use the dodge slide abillity to go through their spray of bullets and think ahead of your opponent to get them away from you.

By: MrShuriken